Renovating your kitchen? Visit our new neighbour!

Rainbow Sports is excited to announce that Oscar’s Home & Kitchen will be moving next door to us! Starting April, you will be able to pick up the equipment you need for home and kitchen projects at Oscar’s!  We’re really excited to have Oscar’s move in, because just like Rainbow Sports, these guys take great pride in the products they sell. We know that you’ll be just as happy to know that their staff knows their products, they know home, and they know kitchen. So no doubt, they’ll be able to offer you expert advice on your projects.

As their neighbour, Rainbow Sports has been given an opportunity to tour the new store, and we can tell you that you’ll enjoy shopping at Oscar’s as much as you enjoy Rainbow Sports. The new store has 20,000 sq feet worth of products, and there are sections for both outdoor and indoor home projects. What really impresses us is their corner for kitchen. They have everything you’ll need to completely renovate your kitchen, and if you can’t find something you like, they can order it for you. The staff there are able to take the blueprints of your kitchen and transform it for you on computer with the products you want, so you can see the finished product on the computer. They literally cover every aspect of the kitchen. If you’re interested in buying a garburator, for instance, you can test out the newest products on site so you know exactly how they perform. Next to the garburators you can read garburator reviews made by other customers printed off their website. By having these while you shop, you can buy the best garburator on the market. In fact, the whole store features on-spot reviews. Oscar’s uses these to make better decisions on what products they stock as well. We have to admit, Oscar’s gives customers the best shopping experience and there’s a lot that Rainbow Sports can learn too!

The garden section outside the store is one of the most impressive we’ve seen. They have everything from plants and seeds to materials needed to build a gazebo in your backyard. If you need help finding a contractor, Oscar’s has a network of trusted, independent contractors that are available for hire. You can also set up a free appointment with them to discuss your projects before you make a decision. Contractors working with Oscar’s get a discount when purchasing products at Oscar’s. At your appointment, you will be able to get an estimate for your projects, including materials cost and labour costs.

Oscar’s is truly the best place to shop kitchen and home products! They provide an attentiveness and customer service that you can’t find in bigger box stores. This is the philosophy that has made Rainbow Sports the shop it is today, so we are happy to be welcoming such a great friend next door!


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